Cheryl: Happy birthday, Vicki!!

I remember the first time I met you. Brian and I spent the night in your gorgeous Big Bear house. It took us twice the time to drive up the mountain because we were in Brian’s dinky Honda Civic that was on its last legs.

You gave us a tour of Big Bear (in your car!), visited some local art galleries and had lunch at a nice restaurant. We finished the day by watching a movie on your huge screen TV.

The next morning, you burst into our room to wake us up. It was snowing and you told us we had to rush out and drive down the mountain before chains were required.

We got ready in a hurry and when we were in Brian’s car, it would not start! The starter brushing was stuck. We started jumping up and down in our seats to giggle the car to loosen the brushing. It was hilarious but not hilarious at the same time! We were wondering if you were thinking what the heck we were doing inside the car as you watched us from your kitchen window! I was seriously worried we would be stranded!

The car did eventually start and did get down the mountain okay. It was no longer snowing mid-way down the mountain.

We met you later at the bottom and had a lovely champagne brunch. That champagne was definitely needed!

Also needed is for us for us to raise a glass to you on your birthday to commemorate your special day and being cancer free!

Love and hugs

🌸 MFT/PCC telehealth Trainee at Life Source 🌸 Chronic illness support 🌸 Climate-aware therapy ✨ Transpersonal ⓋPlant-based #blacklivesmatter

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