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  • FoodCorps


    Together with communities, FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food at school so that every child — regardless of race, place, or class — is ready to learn.

  • Jenny Kurzweil

    Jenny Kurzweil

  • Jenny Brown

    Jenny Brown

  • Adán Colón-Carmona

    Adán Colón-Carmona

    Biologist, science mentor and advisor, advocate in promoting diversity in the sciences, dedicated to social change in higher education

  • Jenny Kurzweil

    Jenny Kurzweil

    Lover of both farmer's markets and Doritos. Fan of urban fantasy. Buyer of many books. Writer. Nonprofit storyteller. Pie Baker. Lesbian unicorn. Jew-ess. Mom.

  • Jean Janki Samaroo

    Jean Janki Samaroo

    Studied Library Arts at Ryerson University, Certified TESL/TEFL Instructor, Wordpress blog “Late Blooms.” Author of “Making New Friends” and “Late Blooms.”

  • Karen Elaine Mehringer

    Karen Elaine Mehringer

  • Marie B — Health Advocate

    Marie B — Health Advocate

    Observer of life and its many faces. I have spent years studying languages, lit, comm M.A., and the human psyche!

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